Survival Tips & Tricks for a Scary Escape Room

Got a daredevil spirit but no idea how to make it through scary escape room games? 

With crazy props, spooky sounds, and startling surprises around every corner, conquering these new-age mazes will make solving old standard puzzles feel like child’s play. There is no secret code! 

And with the proper knowledge and preparation, conquering any spooky escape situation will become achievable for everyone. 

Hence, explore below for ultimate survival tips and tricks for scary or horror escape rooms

Understand the Commitment You Made 

When you sign up for a scary escape room, you are committing to immerse yourself in a thrilling and challenging experience. You will have your team by your side, but before you book, you should probably think about how bad things can turn. 

You will be locked in a themed room with your friends, from where you have to escape. It is an enclosed space and is also going to be dark. If you are pregnant or claustrophobic, then a scary horror escape room is a big no. 

But if you have the perspective of conquering your fears, a scary escape room isn’t that scary after all. But if you suffer from adverse medical conditions, speak up and ahead of the game. 

Gather a Strong Team 

Gathering an ideal team is crucial when you sign up for a scary escape room experience. A group of three will find the situation scary, but a group of eight to ten will make the scares less. Hence, the more people on your team, the more powerful you are. 

It is an added advantage if your team is loud, as you get less intimidated by scares. Plus, there is always a confident one in the group to guide you through. 

You are sure to end up alone in a team size of ten or more. Hence, make an intelligent choice of selecting a confident group who will make it an experience to remember! 

Also, communicate with your team and get on with your problem solving skills mindset. Good communication is the key to escaping a fun escape room faster. 

Finding puzzles inside an escape room

Pay Attention to The Story 

Paying attention to the story will help you to escape faster. Listen to the game master who might slip a hint or two essential for solving the game. 

Believe in the story. As it progresses, you will progress too. Scares are okay, but repeating the same scares will lessen your fear. That is when you concentrate on looking for puzzles to solve them. 

Keep track of the puzzles collected, and keep them organized. Search everywhere for puzzles, especially when the design feels out of place. 

The Scares Might Reveal Clues 

Pay close attention to everything. The game host, the scares, the actors, the design, the sound, the lights – everything is trying to reveal something. 

Horror escape room games are generally dimly-lit or dark, but if something is well-lit, it is trying to reveal something. The actors in the room also provide hints. 

The whole ambiance is to scare you and reveal things while doing it. Hence, lessen your fear. You know they are actors, and your purpose in the room is to find and solve clues. 

Horror escape room theme

Do Not Panic 

Feel the adrenaline rush when you immerse yourself in the game. But remember not to fully immerse yourself in it. There will be times when you will be genuinely scared but then again, try to remember that it is just a game. 

The same scares are going to be repeated. Once seen, do not get scared a second time. Save time and solve your clues. 

Entertain yourself but do not psych yourself out. Solve the game, be scared, but not too much to hurt yourself. We aren’t gonna hurt you either. 

Just a few scares. If you wish, you can ask the host to turn down the level of the scares. 

Keep yourself calm, try not to panic, and be mindful of the scares. 

No props will touch or grope you, but we cannot promise that your group won’t try to spook you. 

Safety Always First 

Safety is always the primary concern. Whether you are feeling unwell, mentally exhausted, or cannot take it anymore, there is no shame in exiting. Health is wealth, and we do not want you to get sick for a game of fun. 

Leave immediately when you feel sick. Your team can continue the game while you rest outside. Do not be saddened; you can always come back to conquer your fears. Be prepared next time. 

Lighting in an escape room

Wear Proper Shoes & Clothes 

Wearing proper shoes and clothes will lessen the number of accidents. Plus, with comfortable wearing, you can run about, crawl or jump. 

And if there is a gush of fake blood, your good clothes won’t be harmed! 

After completing a scary escape room challenge, there is a certain sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. However, we try to avoid jump scares and attempt to mess with your brain through puzzles. 

But remember to have fun! Feel the adrenaline rushing immersive adventure while keeping safe. Head here for a beginner’s guide for tips and tricks on how to beat a scary escape room

If you are in New York City or close by, drop in at our facility at 160 Broadway, 3rd Floor, just beside the Fulton Subway station at BrainXcape. You’ll be spooked for the better with thrilling and fun surprises! 

Our scary escape room themes include Rikers 1932, The Haunted Hotel, and The Game of Gold. We offer team building for corporates, birthday parties, and maketh the best Halloween party! 

Although not all escape rooms are scary. Most of the escape room themes include adventure, magic, mystery, murder, heists, fantasy, science fiction, technological, and futuristic, among many others. 

Until then, keep escaping! Cheers. 

Proper Clothing and Shoes

Aug 23, 2023 | Escape Room

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