The Ultimate Guide to Beating Any Escape Room [Update 2024]

As escape rooms continue becoming popular globally, a growing number of individuals are slowly but surely taking an interest in the sport. But being a first-timer, escape rooms can seem overwhelming. So, if you’ve just heard of escape rooms and want to prepare before facing the real challenge, we’ve got your back.

This guide explains how escape rooms operate. So, if you want to know how to beat an escape room, we suggest you read till the end.

10 Proven Strategies for Winning in Escape Rooms

Since no two escape games are alike, courtesy of different designers, gaming strategies, licensed software, etc., sharing insider tips on beating every game is impossible. We could, however, sit here all day sharing generalized “escape room hacks” on how to identify and solve the most commonly used escape room puzzles. But we aren’t going to do that.

Instead, we’ll focus on ten practical strategies to help you understand how escape rooms work and how to beat every escape game. Let’s go.

Pick Your Team Wisely

Most escape rooms are designed for up to eight people. This means the challenges are set up specifically for eight individuals. Hence, if you’re a group of four, you will have more difficulty winning the game. Therefore, the first step to beating any escape room is team selection.

You need a combination of skills to tackle the challenges. Hence, including creative thinkers, risk-takers, and, most importantly, team players is essential. BrainXcape’s escape games can be personalized for two to 10 players. Please email us for custom group packages of 10+ players.

team activity


Pay Attention During Briefing

Most escape rooms ask players to arrive at least 15 minutes before the game begins. This allows plenty of time for players to interact with the Game Master. Pay attention to the narration, as it will give you a sense of direction of what must be accomplished inside the room.

Some escape games require you to search for puzzles from the character’s POV. For instance, you may need to “cheat” when playing a game from a thief’s perspective. Paying attention to the pre-game video will help you get in the zone quickly.

Understand the Objective

Upon entering a room, search for interactive props like a keypad, keyhole, padlock, unique undulations or depressions in odd places, etc. Make a mental note of these spots and search for items that will help you interact with these props.

For example, say you find a safe with a combination lock or a locked door with a keyhole. You have an objective that you can work on finishing. Identifying the objectives early can help streamline your journey.

Search Everywhere

And we can’t stress this enough! Look on top of shelves, under tables, inside crevices, and in any hidden spot, no matter how improbable. Game designers get crafty when hiding clues. So, you must think out of the box.

Spoiler alert: Always look under the rug. But don’t waste time searching in places where the game rules stop you. For example, inside props! No escape room wants you to uncover clues by damaging the props. Trust me.

Communicate Clearly

Don’t be haphazard when updating teammates about your status. Clear communication is crucial for solving clues in an escape game. And lack of communication is the number one reason for teams failing to escape the room in time.

If you find something, solve something, or have a theory, share it with your team so they’re on the same page. Remember, escape rooms are designed for team-building. Hence, you cannot win alone.

team communication

Get Organized

Getting organized is one of the most important things you can do inside an escape room. Start with gathering clues in one place for everyone to access. That way, there is no confusion about the items and their functions.

Planning your way ahead also helps identify patterns and streamline puzzle-solving. And while there will always be red herrings along the way, organizing will help you segregate clues from misleading props.

Keep an Eye on the Clock

Time flies inside an escape room. While an hour might seem unsurpassable on a Monday morning, you’ll never realize when your 60 minutes inside an escape room are up. Keeping an eye on the clock will help you plan your next steps.

Escape games are meticulously designed so that players can identify and solve the puzzles with time to spare. So, as a rule of thumb, if you fail to find a puzzle within the first five minutes, ask the Game Master for a hint. It’s free!

Ask for Hints

Yes, you heard that right! The Game Master’s role is to help you navigate the challenges and escape the room in time. Hence, you can always ask them for a hint when you’re really trapped.

Having said that, we recommend that you try finding clues and puzzles for at least five minutes of the game. Most escape rooms limit the number of free hints. Even if there are no limits, don’t ask for more than five hints, as that will ruin the experience.


Don’t Complicate Things

The simplest answer is almost always the correct one. Remember this mantra while playing your next escape game, and you will solve half the puzzle. Most players tend to disregard simple solutions that are staring them right in the face, which often costs them the game.

Remember, everything you need to win an escape game is present inside the room. Focus on the available information and assimilate everything you uncover as you progress through the game to figure out the answers to even the most complex puzzles.

Have Fun

At the end of the day, having fun is the ultimate aim of an escape room. So, whether you’re playing with friends, family, or colleagues, enjoy the experience. BrainXcape curates fun and exciting experiences that are guaranteed to leave you thrilled and wanting more.

Visit BrainXcape Manhattan, NYC’s finest escape room adventure, today for an immersive adventure. Make your special occasions memorable with our unforgettable experiences, personalized just for your group. Book your tickets here!

Dec 4, 2023 | Escape Room

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