How To Beat an Escape Room – A Comprehensive Guide to Beat Any Escape Room 

Got stuck in an escape room? The clock ticked away, and you failed to find and solve the escape room puzzles? 

Undoubtedly, it is a thrilling experience that leaves us on edge, but in turn, we panic and fail to fulfill the task at hand. But what if we told you there is a way to beat an escape room? 

With our comprehensive guide, you will never be left scratching your head again! So dig in to learn how to beat an escape room! 

Pay Attention to the Instructions 

There is always a pre-game video or a game master/guide stating the backstory behind your room and sharing instructions on what to do. Pay attention to this; it may contain essential clues you will understand as the game progresses. Pay attention to the storyline as well. 

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Figuring out an escape room game

Understand the Theme 

If you understand the theme and the storyline, you have understood the game. Make sure everyone on the team understands the theme and the ultimate goal of the specific escape room. The goal is very specific – you are either escaping the room within a set time limit or looking for a gadget or a certain object. The goal is related to the theme, and the clues are based on the story. 

Divide & Conquer 

At the start of the game, divide your team into smaller groups and search the entire escape room. This helps you to understand that you have inspected the entire room and haven’t left any area. Look for objects of importance, mysterious signs, or anything that catches the eye. 

TRICK: Before booking an escape game room with a facility, research the different escape room themes. Read the reviews, the different escape room puzzles, and the difficulty level you will face. You will get an idea, so think of some escape room strategies before you play the game in real time. 

Search Thoroughly 

When you enter the room first, take in the atmosphere. Look around and get a grasp of your surroundings. Once done, scour the room for clues. Search under the furniture, behind paintings, or tap on the wall to check if it is false. Do not leave a single corner. If something cannot to moved or opened, quit trying. There might also be secret compartments inside the room, so ensure that the entire room is searched thoroughly. Sometimes, clues are hidden in plain sight. 

Search thoroughly to escape the room before the clock starts ticking. 

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Friends playing an escape game room

Communication is the Key 

When you find something, shout out loud. Communication is the key. While working as a team, you must share essential details; in this case, finding a clue is of utmost importance. Work together to solve the clue; if you cannot, pass it on to the others while you look for other puzzles. If you are done with your segment, work on what is left. Your thought at every point of the game should be how to proceed and progress through the game. Move on if you cannot solve a puzzle. 

Make a Good Team 

Picking a good team is crucial to escaping the room in time. Hence, pick people you know as your fellow team members. You will surely lose the game if you go in with strangers without communication or cooperation. Encourage teamwork, as the more minds, the faster the solve time. 

Pick a team that consists of a mix of skill sets. Some may be physically strong, while others have good deciphering abilities. Communicate effectively among your team members. Share the work but move on when you cannot solve a riddle. Be wise when selecting an escape room team. 

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Locks in an escape room

Keep your Clues Organized  

A very important part of the procedure. Keep the clues and puzzles you find and solve, organized in a sequence. When a lock is opened, keep it hanging on the latch. And the key inside the specific keyhole. Save time in your adventure game as much as possible. 

Have a presence of mind and be calm. Small groups tend to work faster than large groups of 10 to 15. Remember not to overthink things and also do not rely on guesswork. 

What Not to Do in an Escape Room. 

  1. Do not play drunk. The game design of an escape room is such that it cannot be played drunk. 
  2. Do not force open cabinets and drawers or move big pieces of furniture. Chances are you will end up breaking them. 
  3. Do not try to guess a puzzle. There are ‘n’ number of possibilities, and guessing will only help you to lose your escape room time. 
  4. Do not be anxious. Be calm and complete the game. 
  5. Do not lose focus. You have limited game time, and you do not want to waste any. 
  6. Don’t break things. 
  7. Lessen your physical force where not required. 
  8. Do not be scared to lose. 

In conclusion, a great escape game room is incredibly fun and challenging! So do not forget to have fun when on an adventure. Ask for hints from the game master if you get stuck in the middle of the game

These simple steps will help you to escape any escape room. Be patient and calm, and keep solving one after the other. Head here for exercises for escape room puzzles to be good at the game

Escape room games make great team building activities for corporates or any friends and family event, birthday parties for kids and adults alike, and date nights, among other special events or occasions. 

So go ahead and challenge yourself. Book a game at your nearest escape room at 160 Broadway, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10038, United States, at BrainXcape. And make an epic escape with your squad! 

Tell us in the comments below all about your challenging escape room experiences! 


Aug 30, 2023 | Escape Room

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